I'm still waiting for an African-American AND curly Disney Princess!
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Have you seen the Princess and the Frog? That's an African American princess.

And they sell the Brave chick in the princess section of toys and she is definitely a curly.

The Disney image of a princess never made me feel like I couldn't be a princess because of my curly hair. I do love the variety of the princesses tho. I especially love Mulan because she's a fighter and that was NEVER the typical Disney princess when I was a kid....but that's me taking her personality into account not her looks.

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yeah but, a natural hair african decent princess. I think that's what she meant. I doubt it will ever happen, but I would love to see that. and what if she was princess in a african country? after all belle refrenced several times that she is in france, why can't a princess be in ghana? to make it work the movie can be based on a african folktale like noma and the fish or mufaro's beautiful daughters. both stories are similar to cinderella but diffrent enough to work. I vote mufaro.

I can actually picture her, beautiful with dark brown skin, and a head full of long dark type 4 curls similar to naptual's, drapped in a beautiful curve hugging pink/trimmed in gold silk dress, with gold sandals and a gold headband.
As you can see i've given this alot of thought over the years, lol.

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