We have a 6.5 foot prelit slim tree that I absolutely ADORE. I got the tree up the day after Thanksgiving and decorated the following Monday. If I'm going to put the effort into decorating it I want it up as long as possible to enjoy. Even though it's prelit with white lights I run a string of color lights up the middle that do all the different blinky things. I have an ornamotion thingie in one light socket that has Marvin the martian in his spaceship spinning in circles.

KurlyKae!! I had the same issue last year with the very top of my tree and the middle so I bought a Light Keeper Pro (Target, Lowe's, etc. carry it) and it worked a charm! I only wish I had bought it BEFORE I shredded my hands up cutting the lights out of the top of the tree and putting new ones in. They most certainly do not make those lights to come off a prelit tree easily.

It also came in handy when we put brand new lights on the outside of the house and even though we tested them before putting them up, one section was out! I thought Mr. Spring's head might explode. A few clicks with the Light Keeper and we were back in business.

I'm fully aware I sound like an infomercial, but I just can't believe the darn thing works.

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