Okay the issue was def. too much protein usage.

I usually wash every weekend, use aphogee two minute, and then DC with my organicals deep conditioning creme.

I didn't wash today, but I did rinse long, and then applied a mixture of my organicals DC with honey, and left it on for about two and a half hours.

My hair is buttery soft right now. =D

My marshmallow moisture balm also arrived the other day, so I have been using that mixed with my leave in and my moisture has been balancing out with the protein. I'm happy again. ^^ In a few weeks I'm gonna lightly blow out my hair and inspect to see if I did any major damage to any areas I might not be able to see, so far it only looks like I had a small set back in my nape area on one side.

I should hide my protein conditioners from myself because it's such a bad habit of mine to try and remedy any issue with PROTEIN, lol. >.<;

Okay so one more question, do you guys think a conditioner with hydrolyzed wheat protein would be okay to start using weekly for my moisture-focus regi. ?

I think it's a moisturizing protein, I know it's not strong.