Ok I was at a dinner party tonight with a very small group of people. The ladies there (who are well educated modern women) proceeded to carry on about how horrible it would be if they had curly hair and god forbid their daughters ever had curly hair.
I have very curly hair - 3c & thick & proud! And my daughter who was there has curly hair too.
I'm not sure if they forgot we were there or just were plain ignoring us. But I sat there incredulous & looked around to see if anyone else copped on to what was being said ... Obviously not.
I am feisty by nature but for some odd reason I thought, y'know I don't need to defend the way god made me. I'm kinda sick of being offended by ignorant prejudice remarks relating to physical appearance (not only about hair) and for the 1st time in my life - i let something like that go.
My mum always taught me that silence is agreement. But today I thought why bother? I'd just be wasting my energy and for what.
This is mentality that goes beyond any 1 conversation - because it's cultural, colonial and/or whatever you'd like to call it. Why should I let it affect me?
It's mental how mothers talk about their child's physical appearances. I'm just hoping I can succeed in instilling in my child enough self-assurance that she'll be happy in her own skin... Like every child should be and concentrate on the things that matter like character.
I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this topic?

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