Also, I need advice. Can any crocheter here help me with the following:

1) Super easy child's hat pattern using super bulky yarn?

2) Either a pattern or ideas for crocheting a child-sized scarf using the same yarn?

I have 4 balls of Lion Brand Landscapes....yarn is very chunky. I kind of wanted to make something quickly enough to finish by Christmas.

There's a beginner pattern on the wrapper for a knit scarf but I'm not sure I have the right needles and not willing to buy any right now. Many thanks to whoever can help me out.

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What size crochet hooks and knitting needles do you have? Do you want to knit or crochet the hat & scarf? That will help me narrow down which patterns would work for you.

Those crocheted wheels are LOVELY!!!
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Well, thanks! The pattern is scarily easy......the most advanced stitch you'll use is a triple crochet. I love how easy it is, yet looks so much more difficult.

The wheels work up in no time. It takes longer for me because of wrist pain since I take frequent rests. I haven't yet tried the "filler" pattern between wheels. A good fast crocheter could probably churn out a ton of these wheels.

Crocheted doily afghan - fully illustrated crochet pattern

Re: The hat/scarf-- I have hooks in just about every size, ranging from tiny for crochet thread all the way up to size P. The gauge stats on the yarn wrappers say size 13 knitting needles and size N crochet hook.

I have a bunch of sets of knitting needles but of course I don't have 13 straights....I always have every size except the pattern calls for. I have a 13 circular needle but it's too long or something. The scarf pattern on the wrapper states size 13 knitting needles. I tried a couple rows on my 13 circulars but it just wasn't working.

I would rather crochet the hat and scarf, since my skills kinda suck in knitting. Also, I find correcting knitting mistakes very hard.

I was gonna try single-crocheting back and forth until I got enough length for a scarf and put tassels, but the stitches look like they're "curving" or something.

ETA: I found this hat and might try it....? Then make a scarf to match it?

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