I hate exercising...it sucks! But yeah...yoga 5-6 times a week for me (once I heal from my stupid slip on a teeny-tiny piece of ice on the ground...I thought I just looked dumb because it scraped up my face...nope, knee is jacked up and so are the muscles in my back. STUPID!). I cannot continue to live life at this weight. Once I've lost enough, then I can start something a little more upbeat. I love yoga, but my mind strays sometimes. A more upbeat strenuous workout like kick boxing would be awesome! Then I could get out all my aggression and frustration from work out!

ETA: Oh, yeah. I went to Costco yesterday and spent $270.00 on stuff! I've been poor recently, so I needed to restock some stuff, but I was trying to only get the essentials so I could eat healthy! So...yeah...I have a fridge chock full of fruits and vegetables and the bulk ones are mainly even put into little snack size baggies so if I'm hungry, I can grab a bag and munch without automatically going to the corndogs in the freezer (it was a weak moment a couple weeks ago, okay?!). Now, I just need to put the rest of the produce I got yesterday in smaller containers that are the correct serving proportion and I'm rockin' the healthy food!

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