Glad you found the problem. I was actually going to respond and agree with Korkscrew that it probably wasn't a protein problem since you're processed, but you figured it out.

HWP is a big nono for me personally and I've never heard of it being considered a more moisturizing one,
but I really don't know as I avoid any obvious protein.

It would help if we knew the thickness of your strands.
If your hair is fine and low-porosity then from what I've seen theres a big chance that your hair is not protein sensitive.

Also depending on what kind of products you use (are you fine free?) the problem just could have been build up - if not silicone then protein.

If it was not build up then heat should really help your DCs.
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My hair isn't protein sensitive, I don't even believe in protein "sensitivity" I just think many women with natural hair use too strong protein treatments, or used it too often and natural hair doesn't need protein as often or as hard as processed hair. I was just using too much protein, too often, and then tipped myself over to protein-overload a bit with the two step treatment.

My hair is medium-thickness strands, even processed, they don't break easily.

What's tha name of the product?
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Which product? my DC?

It's the organicals DC creme ^^