I just finished this beanie:

For the ties, I have to cut 12 strips of yarn, each about a yard long. I guess 6 pieces will end up at each side to braid.

Accompanying the beanie is the only yarn I have left.

1. Will I have enough for a child's scarf??? I haven't cut any for the ties yet.

2. Does anyone have a suggestion for a comparable yarn? (This is Lion Brand 50% wool, 50% acrylic.The label says...gauge for 4" x 4"....13 knitting needles /11 stitches...N-13 crochet hook/10 sc.)

This yarn's been in my stash for a long time and I'm worried that I won't find any more. I'm not happy about spending $$ for more yarn but if I can buy maybe 1-2 balls to stretch this out I think I'll be okay.

Thank you!!!

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