I'm digging this one up, as I'm going pixie on Tuesday!

It has been YEARS since I've been on here, but I've been digging my curly hair for awhile. It only took 28 years to come to terms with it...

4 years, 1 marriage, and 1 baby later it looks. like. hell.

I'm still nursing, so I don't know if it's the hormones from that or the amount of time I have for styling (or even a shower, if I'm being truthful!) but it just doesn't look good or put together at all. I've been getting it cut dry by a Deva trained stylist, but I'm just not happy with it lately. The curls, no matter what rock hard gel I use or how long I wait to SOTC, always fall flat by the end of the day. Second day hair is a thing of the past. My toddler may have something to do with the frizz, but I'll leave her out of it! Haha!

I've had a pixie cut before. I think I was 18 and I remember loving it for 2 weeks and then missing my long hair badly. I have a feeling it will be easier this time. I don't have acne anymore (I think that was a huge reason I missed my hair last time; I didn't have anything to hide behind,) and I'm just much more confident and ready for a funky, easy hairstyle that doesn't leave me looking like a mess at the end of the day.

So, that's where I'm at. I can't tell if I'm nervous or excited but I have the tingles either way!

p.s. What do I copy and paste on photobucket to post a picture? the IMG code or the HTML code?