Yeah I'm definitely going to see a doctor this Tuesday... Annoyingly with my gp I have to ring on the day of my appointment but as I start work at 7.30 in the morning I can never ring them; but I have a day off on Tuesday so I'll make sure to ring when they open to make an appointment!
I'm pretty sure it's stress related (which is rather annoying as hair loss adds to the stress) but it's definitely worth checking out. I can't really think of anything else that would cause it.... I haven't changed birth control, I haven't changed my diet, I haven't changed hair products....

Speaking of which I probably should have mentioned what I actually use! I've found that a company called Naked do silicone free products and I've been using their stuff for a few years (although admittedly I've only just found out about silicones!) Natural Beauty Products from Body Care to Hair Care | Naked Body Care I use their Bounce Curl Defining Shampoo (about once a week? Although I probably wont buy it again once the bottle runs out and go completely shampoo free); Bounce Curl Defining Conditioner; Devine Curls Curl Serum and their Curl Tamer, which is a curl styling mousse.

I shall definitely look into the essential oils, grapeseed extract and multivitamins!

Knotty_Maddy - you don't know how much you saying that means to me

Oh, and Starmie - I've asked for a haircut for christmas from my mother as my funds are rather low, so I shall definitely post a pic when that's done

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