I didn't know it was discontinued, natch. I'm beginning to enjoy working with it. That color is Spring Desert.

I had a couple of balls of Summer Fields too, but I ended up ruining those balls on a failed project.

I wish I still had the Summer Fields to make more stuff--the color combo would've made some awesome hats/scarves. This beanie came out well and was easy, too.

I forgot--

I have no pattern for the scarf--I was just going to crochet back and forth (or something) until I had the desired length, then fasten off and add fringes. I just don't know what type of stitch or stitch combo to use to make it pretty. Single crocheting didn't look right or something.

ETA: You replied before I finished my reply....half-double crochets it will be. Thanks! Yes, those faeries were definitely smiling on me! I could'nt believe my eyes when I went in there.

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