I've been trying and trying with this Curly Girl method. I have the book, I know I'm following the routine as best as I can, but every time I apply gel on top of my leave-in my hair turns white as if I've applied too much product.

I use a Suave conditioner as a cleanser and for my leave-in I use Yes To Carrots Pampering Conditioner. As for gel, I use the Eco-styler olive oil kind. I don't know what to do because my hair is naturally very very dry, and I don't want to cut back too much on how much conditioner to put in my hair because I need all the moisture I can get (as well as the hold!)

Even directly after the process of applying my leave-in and gel, my hair begins looking white and frizzy. Is it too much conditioner? Is it the quality of the gel that makes my hair icky? (I plop my hair and touch it as little as possible during the drying process.)

I'm just in desparate need of tips, advice, and suggestions for products you guys think would benefit me (everyone else's hair on this forum looks fantastic!).

Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate it.