Pretty much all of my hair products have glycerin or some other humectant in them. Someone here suggested sealing with an anti-humectant (such as olive oil or grapeseed oil) after using my rinse out conditioner but before applying styling products to seal in the moisture from my rinse out and seal out the glycerin so it can't suck moisture from my hair.

Did I totally confuse you?
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hmmm no that makes sense to me! so does it matter if you use a product that is anti humectant in the shower? i figure that's where you'd need it most since the heat from the shower would open up the cuticles in your hair. also, how do you keep it from weighing your hair down? is there like a certain product routine i'm supposed to do? sorry i'm bombarding everyone with all these questions i'm just so overwhelmed with all this information i have no idea where to start lol :P