I temp'd yesterday, it was a GREAT hourly wage, and he might need me to come back again. The office was extremely disorganized, and I basically was just putting things in order all day. He was a very nice man, and told me he'd tell the agency I did a great job and "jumped right in." (Which made me happy, because one of the things the last idiots I worked for brought-up when they fired me was that they had needed somebody that was going to "jump right in"...because, you know, driving a van throughout NYC in my second week wasn't jumping-in enough for them. Ughhhhh, I seriously hate those people and hope they get theirs one day.)

I was supposed to work at the store all day yesterday and they had cut my hours so that's why I took the temp job...and then they called me Friday night asking me to come in because they had people call-out! So, you cut my hours and give them to people who end-up calling-out?

Just superfrustrated. How on earth does a girl get ahead?????? I'm SO bored and feel so isolated, too. It's hard having any kind of a social life right now when you have to worry about all of the practical things first.