I'm officially saying coconut oil has reduced my shedding by like 80%! I did a braided updo a few days after thanksgiving. I washed it before hand and had massive shedding like usual. I used coconut oil liberally on my scalp and hair while it was damp and while it was dry. I just took it down and washed/detangled in the shower and it was WAY less.

Usually I'm almost afraid to run my fingers through cuz clumps of hair 5-6 strands at a time come out of one spot. This time they were very few, individual strands.....love

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Glad its working our for you. I love coconut oil. I use it daily. I have a bottle of pure CO & I just got a small jar of proclaim conditioning CO. its pomade like stuff. Both are cheap & effective. Now I just need a good sealant. Thinking of getting a jar odd Palmers Shea butter.

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Ooh coconut pomade. That sounds nice. I wana make a coconut cream for my hair but don't know how

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