LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Kasandra Perkins (photos below) and Jovan Belcher battled over their child, not a Trey Songz concert, hours before their murder-suicide, claims news reports. Kasandra Perkins did attend a Trey Songz concert and may have attended an afterparty hours before her murder. News reports tonight indicate that Perkins’ purported actions about the couple’s baby prior to the concert fueled Belcher’s argument.
Trey Songz had nothing to do with the tragic murder suicide Saturday. And yet, false news reports are drawing Trey Songz into the discussion. He issued a news statement indicating “As sad as it may be, it has nothing to do with me. sending prayers up to the families and friends of the people involved”.

Multiple reports claim that Perkins may have removed the couple’s child from the home before the concert. That didn’t sit well with Belcher, claims news.

The Kansas City Star reports the couple did argue regularly. But there was no history of violence. “According to a friend of Kasandra Perkins, the woman killed today by Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, the couple argued in the early morning hours after the woman was out late attending Friday’s Trey Songz concert at The Midland.”
The Star added “The friend, who asked not to be identified, said Belcher confronted Perkins when she returned home about 1 a.m. The couple had dated about three years and argued frequently, the friend said, but she wasn’t aware of any prior physical abuse.”
Deadpsin’s source, in contrast, indicates that Perkins allegedly removed the couple’s child from their home before the concert. The source also claims that the couple were battling in recent weeks about the child. “This was the result of a long term conflict. I’m referring to the rumors that this was solely related to an argument about her attending the Trey Songs concert… It wasn’t. Kasi had left and taken Zoe (their daughter) to a relative’s house without his consent and refused to come home.”
Deadspin’s source claims that a child custody battle was brewing. “In addition to that she made it clear that she was leaving and wild (would?) contact a lawyer … It had little, if anything to do with one isolated argument.”
Earlier, LALATE reported that Jamaal Charles’ wife is Perkins’ cousin. Today, Deadspin’s source says the couple had been arguing for weeks. “[On the Thursday night after the Nov. 12 Chiefs-Steelers Monday Night Football game] he came home and Kasi had taken the baby (Zoe) to Jamaal Charles residence because she is cousins with Jamaals wife Whitney. They had been arguing for quite a few weeks prior which was nothing new.”