Water alone doesn't help me with 2nd day hair - it just flattens it. but if my curls have flattened or over stretched, lightly adding water mixed with a protein cream or just a spray with protein, perks them up to extend my washes. Actually, thinking about it, Day 2 hair with added protein are the days I am more likely to get compliments. I probably should just add protein on day 1.
High Density, High Porosity, Medium Texture, 3B with some kink

Lo-Poo: No Preference
Co-wash: CJ Smoothing Conditioner
RO: CJ Strengthening Conditioner - HG
LI: CK Satin Roots
Styler: CK Coil Jam
Other Likes: Castor Oil; CK Twist Whip, MD CSC
Dislikes: Wheat Protein; Aloe LIs or Stylers