don't have them. i track my period so it's never a surprise, comes like clockwork. i wear the diva cup so i don't have leaks, except at night when the seal wasn't good and i think laying on my back but even then it wasn't an accident really.

was your accident due to not knowing girlfriend had arrived or from inadequate protection?
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Inadequate protection. Girlfriend has gotten very heavy over the last year. If I go more than 3 hours, even using the ultra absorbency Im in trouble...
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are you a diva cup user? i can't recall who is and who isn't. it holds a lot of fluid and some believed it decreased the flow (not sure).

there's a supplement called DIM (look it up). one of the things it's supposed to do is regulate hormones. it might have an impact on your heavy flow. it's good for other things too but look it up for yourself.
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