So my story is that I used to relax my hair (I know, BADDDD) ... but I have been chemical free some months now and growing out my 3b curly hair... My hair is sooooo dry like super dry, my curl formation is so poor because of it...and I have NO idea what to put in it... I tried by bfs Devacurl One condition (yes my bf uses Devacurl *giggle*) and is it weird I feel like it doesnt do much for my hair? my hair feels almost crunchy after I use it... :\... I m wondering if I need the devacare instead of the devacurl? or if the product he got from amazon is a fake... cause he ordered from amazon and he paid $25 for a 32oz bottle which is $40 on the website... *fishy* I don't wanna waste money but I m not cheap either so i don't mind paying for a product that works!... my hair seems to respond well to products like Biosilk which makes it soft for a while... I know that cones create the illusion of softness lolol... any advice from people who have tried both devacare and devacurl? or ordered from amazon?