I've been CG for 5 years, and it has allowed my highlighted 2c/3a hair (that I was about to chop off back then in frustration) to grow CRAZY long (almost waist length) and healthy. I only cut it once, maybe twice, a year, and I'm about to go for my annual chop to bring it back to around bra strap length.

The thing about my CG routine that's starting to wear on me is how high-maintenance and time consuming it is. Granted, I have a lot of length which doesn't help the cause, but the thing I'd have to say I'm the most envious of my straight-haired friends is how EASY and FAST their routines are. They can grab any shampoo and conditioner, towel dry, quick blow dry, maybe hit with a straightener and DONE. If I've been at the beach or outside sweating, and all of sudden plans come up, I can't just wash my hair and go. I need almost 2 full hours to be ready. With that, here is my current routine:

Shampoo: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat
Conditioner: Nature's Gate Persimmon Rosemary Geranium Condish

Comb out in shower with conditioner

Leave In: Same Nature's Gate condish
Styler: AG Re:coil curl creme
Gel: Bioterra Firm Hold (from Sally's)

Plop while I wash my face and apply body lotion

Duckbill clips at roots

Diffuse with PixieCurl method

It's exhausting. And takes forever.

I love my curls, I do, but I need a change.

That's where you all come in!!

I'm looking to maybe try going back to sulfates and silicones. Partially because it would be nice to be able to stroll into any drugstore when I need shampoo and conditioner, and partially because while I LOVE my curls, I want to see if I can achieve more of a relaxed wavy look. Especially up towards my roots... so my hair would be smoother at the top, with some wavy curliness towards the ends. I live at the beach, and I want that beachy hair look, and the low maintenance routine that goes with it!

I'd appreciate any inexpensive, readily available product suggestions (think Garnier, Tresseme... stuff you can find at Target). I want to try simple products like that, and just layering CK over it (a la Veronica Meza).

Here are some pics to give you an idea of my curls (and length):
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