Do I use pure coconut oil or can I use the Blue Magic tub (that's what I have). Also, how often should I try this out first? Lastly, do you use sulfate free poo or regular poo to wash it the next day?

Thanks a lot for this recommendation. I'm willing to try ANYTHING at this point! :P
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You'll want to pick up some pure coconut oil. Just checked out the blue magic and it has petrolatum in it, which isn't water soluble, so I personally wouldn't put it on my scalp. Shampoo might get rid of it, but pure oil will wash out easier.

I think you could do this weekly or biweekly. I have rather porous hair that sucks up oil and moisture, so it does not get oily. I can get away with just cowashing. If you tend to get oily scalp, have fine hair, or just want a clean feeling I would no-poo. Brushing your hair while wet also distributes the oil from your scalp. You will probably have to experiment a little. I hope it helps!

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