I have a variety of bonnets, and I have a hard time keeping them on throughout the night. I have the most luck with "Style it Up Sleep Cap" and the "Stay on Satin Pocket Bonnet". I learned the hard way that I can't use any bonnets or caps that have velcro or strings to cinch them closed. They inevitably intertwine with my hair, and untangling them is no small feat. Who knew how strong velcro can be when it's tangled up in hair?

One of these days I want to get a satin pillowcase, but I always tell myself a sleep bonnet is so much less expensive. Of course, if I added up the cost of all the sleep bonnets, scarves, du-rags, and nets I've gone through I'd probably have enough money for several satin sheet sets.
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Velcro sounds dangerous, lol!! I know I'd probably end up having the same issue. Bonnets just don't like me ( or I don't like bonnets?)

I'm curious about those bonnets you mentioned though. I'll have to look them up!
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