I apologize if there is already a thread pertaining to my problem as i was unable to find it if it does exist.

So the Majority of my hair is 3c/b. However, my hair line is 4a/b (i think). whenever it do buns or ponies it looks so weird because my baby hair lays down and then my longer kinkier hair is hair at the front is hard to work with (in relation to pony tails and buns) is there a technique that i can use to blend the 2 hair types or something?

p.s. when i say my hair line i don't mean just the hair line that meets the forehead. i mean the entire perimeter of my hair line.
Type: 3c/4a with random patches of 2c

Regimen: ??? yeah, i'm just experimenting

Product(s) i like: Kinky Curly Knot Today, Aussie Moist Conditioner, Giovani 50:50 Conditioner.

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