I am so sorry, Nej. Sending lots of love their way and yours.

Saria's back! I'm assuming you didn't in fact become one giant bug bite on your vacation, since that's the sort of thing you'd mention, so it must've been a good one. YAY!

Holy crud, it's been a long time since I made a blog post. Netfliiiiiiiixxxx, are you done being a boogerface? ZOMG I saw the title IT'S BUMI! HAI BUMI!! I WANNA SEE BUMI.

I freak out over everything. Imagine how it'll be when I get to things I'm not prepared for.

Video? Plz?

My mom and my brother went to the gym earlier tonight. They got into the house and were all "It smells so good in here," which means it smelled really, really bad at the gym. Our house smells fine, but there were no cookies baking or anything. There just wasn't nasty old sweat all over everything. Ew. Kinda grossed myself out there.

...It's a siggie.