I'm with Jas with this one, especially as it regards layers. My hair used to be longer than yours and is/was about twice as thick (took forever to dry). But when I took off a little length and added layers, it took a lot of time off my regimen. My hair dries faster too now. One word of caution about layers though: layers may also bring out the curls even more. When all one length (like yours), mine was 3a/3b. Now it's a strong 3b/3c (which I love but it could be someone else's idea of a nightmare).

If you don't mind going red, or brown, or some unpredictable color in between, henna tends to loosen curls over time. It's natural, safe and can be very conditioning. ... Or it can be very drying. It also looks like dung, smells like the grass the horse shat upon, takes forever to apply and is generally a high maintenance treatment. (Last time I attempted henna, the smell and sheer weight of it on my head triggered a migraine and I ended up puking on my ankles and toes while rinsing it out in the tub. It was like wading in a puddle of poop and pineapple chunks. Never again. Sorry for the tangent but it felt so good to get that out of my system). So yeah, henna is one possibility.

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