Yay, w_s is back!!! And I'm so glad you mentioned the matter of your blog since it saves me the trouble of doing so.

Oh, I got murdered by mosquitoes. This is just an inevitable consequence of me being anywhere near them. My brother didn't fare too well either.
Matthew had his share as well. At first he was lamenting the loss of Nick Junior programming in English, saying he wanted to go home, because he understands but refuses to speak Spanish. Well, apparently today he was an extra special level of stinker when it came time to take him to his daycare. Would not let himself get dressed complaining that he wanted to go to the beach. He was even speaking more Spanish toward the end of the trip (we usually have to insist he answer in Spanish), so it's too bad he couldn't stay another week! Especially with all the kids around, he would have come back speaking nothing but Spanish.
He also ate better than usual. When we visited my grandmother's house and he was doing his usual routine of using every distraction possible to not eat his food I asked him if I could take it to feed the cats and the dog outside. This made him get possessive and he'd get back to eating. When he left the rice as he usually does, I told him the rooster was looking for food, so he ate most of that, too. Curse the lack of roosters in the US!