I agree you should try to see if all those steps are even necessary.

My girls and I are mod-CG for about one month now, and we all need to keep it quick and simple. Now way are my 11 and 14 year olds going to spend hours on their hair (okay maybe my 11, but then she already takes 1/2 hour showers and we just don't have the time).

So, we use Loreal sulfate free shampoo, Tresemme Naturals or Suave Naturals conditioner (detangling then if needed or comb out after shower), a little of one of those same conditioners for a leave-in. Scrunch dry with a tea towel. I use mousse (Herbal Essences Set Me Up) and maybe a little spray gel (Garnier with shea- forget the name). The girls usually don't use anything else and we just air dry. If I dry crunchy, I run my fingers through it or scrunch it till it's softer.

It's all drugstore product in brands that you mentioned and doesn't take any longer than a regular shampoo/condition/scrunch in a product routine. For second day I have some diluted conditioner in a spray bottle for detangling if needed, otherwise pick through, spritz with water, and scrunch. Works for us, maybe it's not perfectly smoothed and formed curls, but it's okay.

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