^Bill O'Reilly, wut?

I just fried a gorgeously thick-, deep orange-yolked egg. It was beautiful. I put it on top of sautéed brussels sprouts with lardons and boiled cider glaze. Heh, breakfast.

While I was in the DR, I was asked about baking bread from a childhood friend who said she hadn't had much luck making simple white sandwich bread (we mostly stayed with her family, they have three houses on their property and two of the daughters occupy the other two with their families; we used to live in one of those houses when we lived in Cabrera). We tried twice but the yeast turned out to be dead each time. She got new yeast and tried again yesterday sending me a pic of her successful bread and thanking me for sharing the recipe and tips. There were also comments from people who tried it saying it was delicious.Yay! I love knowing about contributing to people's baking success!

Hee, I saw all the stuff on that site about studying and thought of you!