I guess I dont see what it is you think cones/sulphates would change?

I have an all drugstore product regimen, if that's part of what bugs you! There are CG products in stores, they just aren't labeled as such.

If you want to keep your curls, consider not only a shorter length, but also some layers. They would lighten the weight and put some volume back in. They also can help with drying time.

Unless you are planning to start straightening, there's not a lot you can do. I don't think anything will loosen your curls, though you can adjust you technique to pull them out some while styling.

But if low-maintenance is what you are going for, the best suggestion I have is short (BSL at most) and layers.

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I would LOVE some drugstore CG suggestions, if you have any that you've found are just awesome.

The only thing is, co-washing doesn't work well with my hair. Low-poo at absolute minimum. I feel like most people's drugstore regiments include Suave Naturals as a co-wash.

Lately, I've been sneaking a nickel-sized dallop of my clarifying shampoo (which I used to use only once or twice a month) in with my Giovanni TTTT much more often than I should... it's like my hair is craving sulfates. It feels so much better... cleaner, lighter, shinier.... when I use it. But then, I have be generous with my conditioner.

My hair still has layers in it, they're just loooong right now. The layers are what allows me to go so long in between cuts.

The length really is a little out of hand right now....