Have you tried just cutting out a couple steps and see how your hair turns out? Maybe skip the plop and one of the product steps? If you want looser curls, I see no need to plop or add the curl crème.

I watched the Veronica Meza youtube video with her using Curl Keeper and kept wondering if she just threw the Curl Keeper in her hair,srunched and diffused (without the sectioning), if her hair would end uplooking pretty much the same. I suspect many of the differences we notice when we do A versus B are probably pretty minor and most other people aren’t noticing the difference in our hair. Having healthy hair, a good cut, and a good leave-in (to eliminate frizz) are probably the main things. Everything else is maybe just gravy.
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It looks like you already have beach waves. Your hair looks wavy - not really curly, so I am a little lost regarding the style you're looking for. As for your routine, I second (or third?) the idea of losing some length and adding layers to help with volume so you can lose the duckbill clips and plopping. Then your routine should be low-maintenance. Just keep your hair at least shoulder length.
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Would you all say the leave in is the most important part of reducing frizz? Like, maybe trying just a leave in and some sort of light styler? Or would the CK act as both of those?

Hmmm, I like the idea of skipping the plop and losing the duckbills and the curl creme. I've been plopping mostly to keep my hair out of my way until I'm ready to deal with it, and it helps a little bit with removing excess water. I wonder if I used just a normal hair towel if it would promote "less" curling?

The style I'm trying to go for is having it less curly up towards my roots, but still having body and waves. I feel like it would look shinier, too, which would be nice. Kind of like this pic of Gisele (who, of course, has a completely different hair type, prob has extensions in, and has a full team at her disposal. But you get the idea...)

Even the straight-ish crown with curls towards the bottom, a la Taylor Swift would be nice....

Thanks so much ladies!!
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