Curlyunique- you have what I want! My hair is the same length and style but not such nicely formed curls. I see you are using Suave & Tresemme- I have those, but I have been using sulfate free shampoo instead of co-washing. Please tell me your routine so I can try to copy it
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I found with sulfate free shampoo my hair was kind of poufy and not as defined, but that may just be my problem.

Hmm my routine is pretty minimal. I co-wash, then I condition normally and after I rinse out all my conditioner I add a tiny amount of my co-wash conditioner to the length of my hair as leave in. Then with dripping wet hair I smooth/rake in my gel (so it's distributed everywhere) then I scrunch my hair all over (when I scrunch I hold each section of my hair to my scalp for a few second then let go) and then take a old t-shirt and scrunch out the excess water, I do all of this with my head hanging upside down. Next I flip my head back over and fix my part then I let it air dry completely without touching it.
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