How often does everyone do protein conditioners or protein treatment?

I have not used protein anything in over 6 months. I'm thinking that's too long to go without.
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It depends on your hair's porosity & individual strand density more than anything, methinks. I have average-low porosity hair, & most of my strands are very fine. I don't do protein treatments per se, but I use leave ins with proteins - coconut oil, hydrolised soy/wheat/keratin/collagen/silk protein, include coconut oil in my oil mix, & add both protein & moisture to my DCs. This has been a good approach for me; I'm able to keep my hair moisturised whilst also strengthening my fine strands.

My sister, however, has low porosity hair, & her strands are medium. She has to do many more moisture treatments; protein tends to make her hair feel like straw & get tangled.

ETA: We both DC weekly, from 2 hours to overnight most weeks.

SN: How does your hair feel? If it feels mushy & your curls/waves look a little limp, then it's probably time for a protein DT. Otherwise, you're okay. Although a little protein likely wouldn't hurt
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