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If you want a straight-ish crown, just loose the duckbills! You can still plop while getting dressed - I do the same thing. But dot flip your head upside down while styling. I tip mine forward and style/scrunch, and don't tip it over until I plop. If I want root curl I have to use duck bills. If I don't use them I won't get it. (I alternate between the two depending on what I'm going for that day. I also sometimes flip my head over when styling for a change - but not that often.)
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Thanks Jas, for all of your product recs!! I always thought duckbill clips were for root lift, I didn't realize it affected the amount of curl in the crown.

I hate to tell you that both of those styles are created with heat. That's why they look so perfect. However, I agree that you will have no problem achieving a flatter top without the clips and plopping. Most people complain about the opposite.

I don't do this because I want less curl, but more just as a nervous habit. A lot of times throughout the day I finger comb through my curls and it definitely loosens them up. I can style as usual and get away with a decent amount of finger combing before it gets too frizzy. Maybe you can try that![/QUOTE]

It's funny, cause I'm always nervous about finger combing my curls (out of years of trying NOT to touch them) but anytime someone gets their hands on my hair and runs their fingers through it, it always looks more natural and sort of refreshed. Time to break some habits!

Before I go all crazy and complete abandon my CG routine, I'll wait until after my cut this Friday, and try cutting back on the curl creme and try styling without duckbill clips. I may pick up one of the recommended shampoos and conditioners, just to TRY to find a diff drugstore option to the products I've used for so long.

Any tips/tricks/product recs to get that same sort of root lift that duckbill clips achieve? I'm curious about the Curl Keeper Roller Jaw Clamps... I read somewhere on here you can use them in dry hair and just clip the roots for 10 minutes to give them lift?