Got a surprise today--a hospital called me re: position I applied for, weekends only.

I need this so badly I can't even think of possibly not getting it. I'm literally prostrate with desperation.

I'm also worried bc I don't have many "business references"? It was specified that I bring contact info for at least 3 to to the interview.

I mean, they aren't all casual either.....but many are the people from former temp agencies who were in charge of my assignments.

Almost all of the supervisors/managers from my previous assignments are gone from their positions. Except one.

Someone please advise

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Originally Posted by sinistral55
Do you have a way to contact your previous managers? Have you tried looking for them on LinkedIn? I bet you will find them there and usually you can find an email/contact there.

This is good news; fret not!
Originally Posted by journotraveler
This is good advice.

Also, I'd think that anyone you've worked with would constitute a "business reference". I take it to mean that the don't want school references (professors, etc.) or personal references (friends, mentors, etc).

And of course make sure your references are aware someone will be calling, and even prep them on the strengths you're trying to play up.
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