That picture is priceless!! Ketchup!! The listing is great!! Who knows, you might have found a niche nobody else really has on Etsy.

I am so freakin' frakkin' excited I keep having to remind myself not to turn the laptop toward Mr. Spring to show him how awesome those tots are. Then I catch myself grinning like a ******* and I have to stop that so he won't ask me what I'm looking at.

GC, you rock.
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You make me smile! The photos needed "something" and my sense of humor is kooky so I use it in the photography and descriptions. I may have to crochet up some more of these tater tots and get them in the shop.....I have a new item! You helped me meet one of my business goals: to come up with at least one new design every quarter and tater tot ornaments are this quarter's creation. Thanks for the business and the new niche