I was hating the routine also, so I pared it down to the minimum. I CO wash, seal, and sometimes use gel or LI, but I always seal, then I put my hair in a turban while I do my usual after shower/morning routine. After ten to thirty minutes, depening on how much time I have, I let my hair out of the turban and clip just the front of my hair so it stays back and out of my face. I usually have a few more minutes before I leave for my drive to work and I let my hair continue to dry untouched on my commute.

When I get to work, I take out my clips, and even though my hair is damp in looks dampfantastic! I simply let my hair continue to dry as I carry out my morning.

It doesn't take any more time really than if I just showered, make-up and breakfasted.

Here's a picture of my hair - just to show you my length and curl.