If it had been me, I would have politely excused myself and my daughter, thanked the organizer and left. I would have been gracious and polite, but I would not have stuck around so that me and my child could be abused.

What they did was abusive to you.

As others have pointed out here, that was passive/aggressive behavior and passive/aggressive behavior is a form of covert abuse. It was the responsibility of the organizer/host to make sure everyone there felt comfortable and had a nice time. They failed. At the very least, the organizer/host should have apologized to you.

It was not your fault.

Those people have no manners.

You have a right to own and trust your own feelings.

The best thing you can do is treat this as a learning experience for you and your daughter. Talk to your daughter about the incident. Tell her how it made you feel. Ask her how she felt when they were saying those things? Ask her what she thinks you two should do next time something like that happens?