It sounds like your hair is probably already in very good shape because you've been taking care of it, so I want to preface that you may or may not see a drastic difference with CG. From what I've seen, the really dramatic changes seem to be mostly people who chronically straightened or had otherwise very damaged hair (heat or chemical). That being said, even though I no longer always follow a strict CG routine, I think it's a great thing to try because you will learn so much about your hair.

Have you tried gel? I found gel to be the one single product that made the biggest difference in curl definition and frizz reduction. I normally air dry my hair (I will diffuse roots for a few minutes in the winter because the temps in NY can get pretty low). Mousse I great for volume, but I end up with no definition and tons of frizz by the time my hair is dry. Gel gives me exactly the opposite result. A few popular choices to try include Aussie Instant Freeze, Herbal Essences Set Me Up, LA Looks (most people use either Sport or Nutra Curl, but I've also seen some people really like Power Spikes), or Biotera Gel from Sally's.

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