I've been trying CG on and off for months now and it hasn't gotten better.

Let's see...
My hair is fine, and it used to be a lot thicker but has thinned some (bad haircut and just not taking care of myself)

Porosity is a huge mystery to me...it dries relatively fast without any product so I assume normal
To high. However, it is severely dried out and not healthy so I'm not sure.

I need a trim. BAD! It's 3a when it actually works. I'm in a low few climate right now and the cold and heating is killing it.

It likes wheat protein but I can't find a moisturizing product to counter with that won't leave me greasy and flattened down. Everything is either too heavy, too light, makes me break out... Ugh!

I've heard amazing things about CJ products.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Oh and the best results I've had was with aveda be curly style prep (lots of curls and volume!) but the frizz was too too much. I don't mind a "messier" look at all.

And gels are a no go. And aloe is horrid lol