no. hyperemesis is not morning sickness. I am currently 7 months pregnant, I have hyperemesis. most days I vomit 10 times a day. very few things don't make me vomit, I vomit from drinking water. I vomit.from tv commercials. i'm so hungry I dream about foods that I loved before, and those dreams make me vomit at 2am. I am now on a medication that makes eating possible once a day which is why I have lost 54 pounds. I go to the er for iv treatments every 2 weeks. and now because of dehydration and malnutrtion I get shortness of breath and dizziness from standing too long. on thanksgiving I discovered I faint if in front of a hot stove. hyperemesis is serious, women and babies die, it aint just morning sickness. i've heard it described as the worst hangover ever, stretched out over 40 weeks.

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