I feel like crying.

I've worked my ass off this past week creating items for this permanent craft stall that I'm supposed to be setting up on Monday.

To finish them off I needed to order something which I did, first class, was supposed to be here today and hasn't turned up. I'm getting a 'we tried to deliver but you were out so we left a note' ******** when I track it. People have been delivering things all day and we heard the doorbell every time. There's no calling card. They are lying.

So now I have to try and sort it out, somehow get my parcel with no card and it means I won't be able to complete any of these pieces in time. So I'm showing up to thing thing without anywhere near enough stuff. Just prints. How can you make a selling area look good with just prints? You can't. Prints aren't a display.

I'm actually close to tears right now.