I am reallllly into garnier now. I used to hate their stuff but I think it's reformulated now. I don't bother with the no shampoo methods as a six month experiment went horribly bad and by the end I still looked like I was brushing my hair with a pork chop no matter what products and tips and hints I tried. So I use everything garnier now. From shampoo and conditioner to their curly gel and volume mousse and their Argan oil. I even use their skin care products like the wrinkle cream and bbcream (their bbcream is AMAZING). I sometimes switch it up but I never find anything better.

You'd think they paid me...

And non hair related, I was very surprised with the little tins of tattoo goo. I heal twice as fast with them. They're harder to find without ordering so I just buy tat wax which is almost a good.
H2ocean stuff is awful though. I worked as a piercer so I looked up their piercing wash and the ph and ingredients mostly suck. Sea salt soaks are the way to go. And they end up costing you pennies.

3a brunette/grey but dyed curls
Pernicious Anemia has me at 20% grey now!
I don't do CG. I use whatever shampoo and conditioner I have which is almost always garnier
Cleanse: Garnier Triple Nutrition Shampoo
Condition:Garnier Triple Nutrition Conditioner
Stylers: Garnier scrunch gel, argan/coconut oil, Got2Be Kinky mousse. Varies.
Tshirt plopper and super scruncher