Hi all, I'd appreciate some second opinions here. I recently bought an item off the swap board that was listed as 90% full. Her asking price was a little high, and another curly was selling the same product (albeit ~80%) for quite a bit less, but I had already communicated with her about it so I decided to work out a deal rather than start over with someone else. I even paid as a gift to save her the fee, as a gesture of goodwill for lowering her price.

The item shipped Monday and arrived today, so no problems there. However, when I took the bottle out of the package, I was immediately struck by how much less appeared to be in the bottle than what was promised. I took pictures to document what I had received, and measured the height of the product level so I could gauge how full it actually is. Donna Marie fills their bottles to the 6 1/2 inch mark, but the height of the product here was 4 1/4 inches.

I sent her a PM politely expressing my concerns, gently letting her know that underestimating the amount you're selling can leave people feeling cheated. She responded that nobody has ever complained before, and she always asks a number of people (roommate etc.) to "guesstimate" how much is in the bottle before listing, and she's sorry I'm not happy but hoped it works well for my hair.

So I'm asking my fellow NCers to judge whether the item is 90% full. Honest answers, please - I really want to know if I am being unreasonable (or have a poor sense of perception ).

Thanks for taking the time to read & respond.
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75% at the MOST.

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