Hey all! I have recently switched over to a different hair stylist and to the Sexy Curly Hair products, because it makes my hair lighter. Lately, my hair (Which is usually 2c on a bad day, 3a on a good day) has practically gone to about a 2a-2b. I went to a salon yesterday, and she did a great job on my hair and it was still softer, but it curled like it's more normal curl. Today I washed it and it became waaaaay silky and is having a problem curling. I'm getting big waves and it looks like it's coming from a curling iron the size of my arm. I realllly miss my tight and springy curls. Is there any way to keep my hair light and well hydrated while getting my "roughness/grittiness" back that seems to be what curls my hair? I have to attend a wedding soon, and it's driving me nuts that my hair will not settle down >.<