The place that got rid of me back in 2010--after working for them for 4 years--just let 40 people go today. A friend of mine who still works there told me.


And I have to go into this interview tomorrow whilst in the throes of "first-3-days-of-my-period" hell AAAAND trying to get over an asthma attack.

Mind you, I have that cough-variant type which means endless, endless dry coughing. Water, and cough drops are useless. PRAY I make it through tomorrow....heck, through the rest of this week!!!

I plan to dose myself up with Mucinex tonight (can't take it during the day bc it makes me so dizzy) and take a little plain guaifenesin syrup right before I leave the house. And my inhalers. So tired of my life right now.....

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I had three interviews in a day a couple of months ago when I was getting over something and had nearly NO voice. I was so raspy. I was like, "If I end-up getting a job today, it's going to seem like my mother was right and nobody was hiring me all along because of my squeaky voice.................."