After sustaining damage from a recalled store-bought dye (It was "Clairol - Natural Instincts" but whose naming names? ), I did a search here for info on natural products that might improve the condition of my hair. In doing so I stumbled on and read the 33 page mega thread in this forum called "Experiences with Amla". It has terrific info with a lot of reports on how amla has been a kind of holy grail for many - helped condition hair and counteracted the curl loosening effects of henna. Problem is, that thread (plus the related 36 page spin-off thread) is from 2009! Do any of you ladies have an update on how amla worked out for you in the long run? I would love to hear from any of you who either still use amla, or chose to stop. If you stopped, why? Any experience you can relay would be really helpful


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