I have medium with some course texture thrown in and protein works well for me, though it’s not ideal because I also have dense hair. The protein gives me better and more uniform curls- probably because I have color damage. The trade-off is my already thick hair looks a little thicker.

To the OP, use the search function to check out , sealing the hair, pH and closing the cuticle – it might be that you need to better seal your hair to eliminate frizz. Also, I am not sure what the L’oreal frizz control is – is that a serum? Maybe you need to add a leave-in versus yourcurl spray. For me, I cannot imagine not using a moisture based leave-in of some sort. Even before curly girl, that was a must do for frizz control.
High Density, High Porosity, Medium Texture, 3B with some kink

Lo-Poo: No Preference
Co-wash: CJ Smoothing Conditioner
RO: CJ Strengthening Conditioner - HG
LI: CK Satin Roots
Styler: CK Coil Jam
Other Likes: Castor Oil; CK Twist Whip, MD CSC
Dislikes: Wheat Protein; Aloe LIs or Stylers