I think it is possible that I am in love with this product.
A friend told me she got some in her Birchbox this month and loved it. We have different hair properties, but I had enough "points" that I got it free with free shipping from Birchbox, so gave it a try.
First day: Meh, nothing noteworthy

(her hair is amazing!)

second day: i did a modified version of that, my hair is much shorter and wow!!!!!!
WOW!!! bouncy, non crunchy, NON STRINGY curls!!! lasted ALL DAY. All I used was Curl Keeper and some Foxy Curls Spray - that's it (which for me is quite remarkable, I usually have a minimum of 4 products in my hair at any given point in time)

third day: i didn't spend quite as much time as I did yesterday but still i have bouncy happy hair!! like you should put a tiara on my head because I feel like a princess kind of happy bouncy hair.

I need to buy a litre of this!
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