I think this is possibly one of the first seasons where I haven't had a strong feeling about who I think should win.

Skupin, Lisa, Denise, Malcolm - any of them could win it (and I'd probably be okay with any of them)
I'd even venture to say at this point, Abi could (although I really doubt it) but if she got all the way (by doing something spectacular, mind you) then playing the "everyone hates me yet I'm still here" card... .. okay, i'm going to retract that, because I am not sure she could pull that off without turning it into "poor little Abi" - which everyone loathes.

Last night I was rooting for Carter, I really thought they may go for Denise
I love Denise, I'm glad they didn't
I love how much she loves her husband (boyfriend? whatever) - I teared up hearing him speak about her

Love that Lisa's brother gave her a pep talk and helped her PLAY THE GAME

I was really sad that malcom didn't choose Denise's husband/boyfriend person to stay, I understand why he didn't - but still, I just loved them together

side note - I'm loving Denise's hair as it grows out and her curls appear

I also am wondering why Penner didn't appear to have taken a shower or put on clean clothes for tribal - he looked like he was wearing a dirty T Shirt. Everyone knows the jury should look sparkly and pretty (and clean!) next to the players.
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