So, last year I had a horrible haircut and spent about a year growing it out. I have recently been very satisfied with my hair, but was in desperate need of a trim because the ends were looking bad. I'm starting a new job soon and wanted a refresh.

My old stylist, who I love and does great work, has retired from doing hair So, I got a referral from a friend with very curly hair (her hair always looks good!) I went to her stylist, and the results were horrible!!!!

She cut the layers so much shorter than the length of my hair, when we discussed long layers ONLY. They do not blend in at all... in fact, a bunch of them on the right side and in the back actually stick out from the rest of the hair in a very noticeable way. It causes the underneath part (the longest part) to look long. thin and stringy, and the layers to fluff outward. I have several holiday parties coming up and am starting the new job soon, and I am feeling embarrassed and upset.

It takes such a long time for my hair to grow out, making this more frustrating. I do not want to re-cut it because I don't want to lose any more length... and I am not sure there is anything that can be done at this point without just letting it grow and maybe trimming up the length in a few weeks to even it out. My loved ones tell me it isn't bad and I am overreacting, but this is just so opposite of what I wanted I can't believe it.

I CANNOT UNDERSTAND why even "curly stylists" are so clueless. I know there are really wonderful stylists out there who do great work... but they are so few and far between it seems.

Any advice or love to help me understand or at least stop obsessing over this is appreciated
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